What is Mindfulness Trading?

Mindfulness Trading means using mindfulness to improve your trading in financial markets.

The present moment is all that matters when you are trading because that is the only time you can make the decisions that determine how well you do.

But, no matter how focussed you are, your mind will wander to what was in the past and to what might be in the future.

Free 15 Day Online Introductory Course

Mindfulness TradingFor the first time, leading author and mindfulness trading instructor Aedie Caltern has created a free online mindfulness course specifically tailored to traders. 

The course comprises an eBook and a series of daily audio and text guides. 

mindfulness trading

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There’s absolutely no obligation on your part.  All that’s needed is the willingness to follow the course.

To trade successfully you need to clear your mind and concentrate on the information in front of you.

Mindfulness concentrates your mind on the present.  You avoid predictions about what might happen, hopes about things over which you have no control and regrets about the way things turned out in the past.


Prepare yourself
Get your mind ready
Then trade
mindfulness trading
mindfulness trading
mindfulness trading

Being able to focus your mind on the present moment is a key skill. You cannot trade the past or the future – just the present.

So prepare yourself to trade in the present.

Large investment firms know the importance of mindful preparation.

And now, private traders can also benefit from mindfulness trading.  Start with our free Introductory Course on Mindfulness for Financial Traders. 


There’s been some great feedback from traders who have taken the course:

I just wish to express my thanks for the effort you put into creating this course. Even though it is an introduction and I’ve done some mindfulness study before I found it very beneficial. It was especially useful as an incentive to practice being more disciplined.     Robert B., Florence, Oregon

Aedie, I want to say Thank You so much for the 15 day course. I´m feeling great after just 4 days!!!    Celso S., Sao Paulo, Brazil

I´m a beginner as a trader but I feel more relaxed and less anxious after this course you provide for free. I feel sure it will give me the focus to became a better trader. Thank you again.      Andrew T., Norwich, UK

Dear Aedie, thank you for the introductory course. I expect you have other courses and instructional products planned or developed and I look forward to hearing from you about them.      Emma T., Aspen, Colorado


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The Course lasts for 15 days.  It includes:

Emails each day from Aedie
Access to exclusive site pages
Audio MP3 and eBook downloads
mindfulness trading
mindfulness trading
mindfulness trading

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Remember, we live all our lives in the present moment.  It’s all we have to work with.