Building the Practice

The exercises from Days 4 and 5 should become part of your day every day.

Soon you will be able to do the breathing meditation without the audio and you should do this a number of times every day to bring about a level of mindfulness.  This will help you greatly with later exercises.

The ‘Awareness of Routines’ exercise should be repeated consciously and in a planned manner as much as you can until to becomes your usual way of operating.  Eventually, mindfulness starts to become both a habit and normal to your activities.

Our focus today remains on an external object but this time it is a physical object rather than an action.

The difference is that the object exists in itself before you interact with it.  So it is truly external, at least to start with.

It should be an object with which you are familiar and with which you can interact thorough your senses.

This is to ensure that you do not think logically about the object or try to analyse it but concentrate on your interaction with it.


Task for Today.

Choose a familiar, simple object with which you can interact i.e. you can see it, touch it etc.  It is common for mindfulness courses to use the examples of a raisin, a sandwich or a piece of chocolate.


Use these or some other simple food if they are to hand. If not, use the pen on your desk or perhaps a key.

The object can be anything as long as it is tactile and inanimate – so don’t choose a pet or another person.

You are going to meditate on this object.

First, repeat the breathing meditation from Day 4.  You can access it here if you need to do so.

Then click on the link below and follow the audio.  As ever, this audio is not the meditation and the object of your focus certainly is not.  Both of these exist without you, but the meditation has no existence except within you.

Play Audio File

When finished, note in your journal any thoughts you may have about this task.

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