15 Day Introductory Course on Mindfulness for Financial Traders

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In the Course, You Will Discover:

The Practice of Mindfulness

Learn what is meant by mindfulness and why it has become so popular.

How to Use Mindfulness

Find out why leading companies are providing mindfulness programs to their employees and how you can use these same skills in your trading. 

Mindfulness Exercises

See how quickly you can learn the necessary skills and put it into practice.

Contact Aedie

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Your Guide: Aedie Caltern

Having worked and trained as an economist for a number of years, Aedie Caltern came to realize that even experienced traders react very differently to similar situations depending on their moods.  This leads to random decisions.  She discovered that mindfulness is a great skill to ensure that you stay focused on the information in front of you.  Many trading firms are now using mindfulness courses to provide traders with these skills.  And now you too can learn these skills from one of the leading trainers in this field.

Look what traders are saying about the course:

I just wish to express my thanks for the effort you put into creating this course.  Even though it is an introduction and I've done some mindfulness study before I found it very beneficial.  It was especially useful as an incentive to practice being more disciplined.

Robert B., Florence, Oregon​

Aedie, I want to say Thank You so much for the 15 day course.  I'm feeling great after just 4 days!!!

Celso S., Sao Paulo, Brazil

I'm a beginner as a trader but I feel more relaxed and less anxious after this course you provide for free.  I feel sure it will give me the focus to become a better trader.  Thank you again.

Andrew T., Norwich, UK

Dear Aedie, thank you for the introductory course.  I expect you have other courses and instructional products planned or developed and I look forward to hearing from you about them.

Emma T., Aspen, Colorado​

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