Your Computer and Your Procedures

So far, this introductory course has covered mindfulness in what might be considered to be a generic sense with no particular orientation towards trading.

This is necessary since the foundations of mindfulness obviously do not lie within what would normally be considered to be the skill set of traders.   So it is necessary to first cover the basics and then begin to redirect towards trading.

It’s a bit like basic numeracy – you need numeracy to be a good trader but you first learn it in a generic manner and then learn to use that skill in your trading.

You have undertaken 6 meditations, four of which were accompanied by audio, during this course.

We previously covered the need to undertake actions in what I have so far described as a mindfulness manner. I have not described it as a meditation but it basically is one.

I have stressed the need to repeat this last exercise until it becomes part of your habit and I hope you have done so.

The reason why I have not described it as a meditation is that there is a risk that at an early stage you can see meditations as something you do in between doing other things.

But true mindfulness is different – it is what you do when you are doing things.  That is why undertaking routine actions in a mindfulness manner is so important.

The final four elements of this course, starting today, are much more specific to trading.

Today you will apply the skills you have developed from repeatedly undertaking this meditation on routine tasks to the routines you follow when preparing to trade.

This is not a difficult task if you have been practicing.  If not, you may find it difficult to think deeply about an environment that is so very familiar to you.


Task for Today

First, repeat the breathing meditation from Day 4.  You should be doing this regularly when you get a chance.  This time do it in a very purposeful manner before you move to where you normally sit while trading.  The following should take about 3 minutes.

When you enter the space, look around you.  Look at the level of light, its source and any sounds.  Look at the configuration and spatial forms of the furniture and any equipment.

Sit down.  Think about how this feels.  Has sitting into this space had any impact on your thoughts?

Do a body scan now that you are sitting.  Start with the feet and move up through your body.

Start to touch the equipment you use.  Notice how your body position changes.  Notice the sensations in your fingers as you touch your computer and any other equipment.

Listen carefully for any sounds in your vicinity.

Relax your body in the chair and repeat the breathing meditation.

Note in your journal any physical changes in your body now that you have sat into the trading space.  Commit to yourself that you will do this at the start of every trading day.

Then go ahead with whatever trading activity you have planned.

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